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NEXT Energy Technologies Achieves its Latest Commercialization Milestone with Deployment of a Window Wall with 27” x 35” Format Transparent OPV Lites

The 27” X 35” format is significant for economical full-scale OPV manufacturing by the glass industry supply chain.


Santa Barbara, Calif., June 5, 2024 – NEXT Energy Technologies, a pioneer in organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology, has achieved a significant milestone. Using its unique NEXT OPV technology, NEXT has successfully delivered a glass wall comprised of 27” X 35” Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) to the Gensler headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. This delivery marks a significant step towards enabling full-scale (60” X 120”) IGU production of vision and spandrel glass for clean, solar energy-producing facades by the glass industry supply chain.


“NEXT Energy Technologies' transparent OPV is an innovation breakthrough for architects that will transform the game plan for sustainable buildings in the near future and for net zero construction for decades to come by turning a building's glass facade into a source of clean, renewable energy,” stated Andy Cohen, Gensler Co-Chairman and recognized climate action champion.


This achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration. Partners on this project included Viracon, the fabricator of the 27” X 35” IGUs, and Walters & Wolf, which designed, fabricated, and installed the glazing system. The project was funded by a grant from the State of California Energy Commission, highlighting widespread support and recognition for this innovative and promising technology.


“It’s rewarding to see our technology developed to the point where commercialization can be realized and demonstrated to architects, glass fabricators, and framing system providers NEXT's OPV ability to scale,” said Brenton Taylor, CEO of NEXT.


NEXT’s proprietary transparent photovoltaic (PV) coating transforms commercial windows into energy-generating facades. NEXT’s solar technology can be seamlessly integrated into commercial building vision and spandrel glass to generate electricity to power the building and alleviate strain on the grid.

A building with NEXT OPV facades can produce significant onsite renewable power, offsetting 20% to 25% of a typical commercial building’s energy load. The windows also absorb and convert infrared light, reducing the building’s HVAC load and power consumption.

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NEXT leadership in front of demo wall at Gensler LA


About NEXT Energy Technologies


NEXT Energy Technologies, a Santa Barbara, California company, is revolutionizing the clean energy and building industries with its innovations in organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology. The NEXT solution empowers architects and building owners to transform traditional windows and glass facades into producers of low-cost, on-site, renewable energy for buildings, a practical and inspiring solution for a sustainable future.


NEXT’s OPV, born out of Nobel Prize-winning work at UC Santa Barbara, is a testament to the company’s rigorous research and development process. It is enabled by proprietary organic semiconducting materials that are earth-abundant and low-cost, coated as ink in a high-speed, low-cost, scalable, and low-energy process, ensuring its reliability and credibility.


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