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NEXT is delivering on the promise of and potential BIPV.

We’re developing the industry’s first cost-effective, mass produceable OPV coating that can be applied to large-format glass, transforming facades into a clean energy source.

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Commercialization Accomplishments
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  • With a major glass industry leader, NEXT developed a coating equivalent to the most widely adopted neutral gray for commercial projects with high approval for reflectivity and transparency.

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  • We are making steady progress applying our coating to increasingly larger sizes of glass, most recently 27” X 35” coated glass.  The next major milestone will be to lay down coatings on 40” X 60” glass, after which we’ll commission a new line capable of full size 60” X 120” lites.

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  • NEXT coating formulations meet the benchmark targets for both color and PCE stability.


To commercialize a new glass coating, NEXT is demonstrating to the glass industry that our solution is aesthetically pleasing, stable, and scalable.

Latest Achievements

May 2024
27" x 35" OPV

26 sq ft Viewing Wall

With support  from the California Energy Commission and in collaboration with our IGU fabrication and framing system partners Viracon and Walters & Wolf, we built a functioning technology viewing wall of 26 sq ft of transparent OPV glass using four 27” x 35” IGUs in a 3-sided captured frame.

NEXT Technology:

  • Proprietary Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Coating

  • Environmentally Designed

  • Produced in the USA

NEXT Lite Milestones:

  • 27”W X 35”H

  • First prototyped in 2023

  • Pilot projects in 2024

Funding by State of California Energy Commission


NEXT Energy Technologies' transparent OPV is an innovation breakthrough for architects that will really change the game plan for sustainable buildings in the near future and for net zero construction for decades to come by turning a building's glass facade into a source of clean, renewable energy.


Andy Cohen

Co-Chairman Gensler and NEXT Board Member

Andy Cohen and Corey Hoven with Demo Wall at Gensler LA
Brenton Taylor, Andy Cohen, Jonathan Hafemann, and Corey Hoven with NEXT Demo Wall at Gensler LA
Brenton Taylor and Corey Hoven with NEXT Demo Wall at Gensler LA

Contact us to make arrangements to view the demo wall or discuss participating in a pilot project using our 27” x 35” OPV glass.

Jan 2023
14" x 20" OPV

Patagonia Headquarters Tests NEXT OPV Windows

In 2022, NEXT installed 14” X 20” OPV windows at Patagonia’s corporate headquarters, marking the first time NEXT’s technology  was demonstrated on a building.

The installation of 22 south-facade windows demonstrated NEXT’s transparent solar technology and the seamless integration into commercial buildings.

Installing NEXT was a perfect opportunity for Patagonia to further develop its sustainability ambitions.


Patagonia relies on 100% renewable electricity for our owned and operated facilities in the United States and 76% globally, achieved through on-site and off-site installations.


Finding better ways of doing business is something we always strive to do, and we’re pleased to partner with NEXT Energy to help us be a more responsible company.


We’re happy with the results!


Corley Kenna

Head of Communications and Public Policy at Patagonia

NEXT Progress Page Patagonia Wall
NEXT Progress Page Patagonia Wall Front
NEXT Progress Page Patagonia Wall Side

Apr 2022
14" x 20" OPV

First BIPV Demo Wall in the USA

A demo wall consisting of ten 14” x 20” transparent photovoltaic windows with NEXT OPV technology, assembled in a commercial framing system built by NEXT partner, Walters & Wolf,  the fourth largest manufacturer or building envelopes in North America is the first demo of its kind in the USA.


The wall showcases the power-generation, functionality, transparency, aesthetics, and seamless integration of NEXT’s transparent OPV coating into a standard window glazing system, which carries the electronics, wiring, and hardware.


Our team sees building-integrated photovoltaics, such as NEXT’s window coating technology, as the next major evolution in building science.


Working together with the team at NEXT to exhibit this amazing technology highlights Walters & Wolf’s commitment to the positive, green future of the glazing and building enveloping industry in a meaningful and lasting way.


Nick Kocelj

President of Walters & Wolf

Demo Wall NEXT at Walters and Wolf
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