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Photovoltaic Windows Cut Energy Use in Highly-Glazed Buildings

Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) reported in a November 2022 study that highly-glazed skyscrapers can reduce energy use and emissions by 40% with high-performance glazing.

NEXT Energy Technologies Inc. officials announced the results of a multi-year photovoltaic (PV) window project in 2022. Researchers found that while energy usage increases when a building has more windows than walls, adding PV glazing decreases energy usage.

“If we choose to keep making these (highly glazed) buildings, we’ve got to reconcile their lower performance somehow, and PV windows are one way to do that.” Lance Wheeler, NREL

You can read more below about how NEXT's wavelength-selective PV glazing technology, when paired with PV panels, is expected to enable a skyscraper to achieve a net-zero energy status


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