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Nearly half of global greenhouse gas emissions are from buildings. 


Doubling new building stock by 2060 means adding the equivalent of New York City every 34 days for the next 35 years.


40% of greenhouse gas emissions are building related.

Buildings are evolving from consumers of energy to conservators of energy, and we plan to be a part of the solution.


Buildings need to rapidly progress to the next stage: energy contributors that will generate all required energy from within the footprint of the property.


This requires a design, construction, materials, and technology practices shift to deliver low-cost, on-site renewable electricity.


In doing so, we protect the global ecosystem while ensuring the resilience of the built environment.

NEXT Sustainability Page Climate Impact

Within 25 years of commercializing NEXT OPV technology, we forecast 35% of new buildings and 20% of existing building retrofits will use OPV.


By around 2050, our technology will be reducing near 1 Gigaton of carbon annually from buildings.

Sustainability Page Cities C40
700 - 53 - 0

C40 is a global network of mayors representing the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis.

They have inspired over 700 cities in 53 countries to commit to Net Zero buildings by 2030 through market regulation, legislation, and forward-thinking technology and building practices.

NEXT OPV is one such technology that’s making better future possible.

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