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From the New CEO: NEXT’s Forward Momentum

More than a decade ago, NEXT Energy Technologies was established with the goal of dramatically reducing carbon emissions in new, innovative ways. We're well on our way!

Our cutting-edge photovoltaic solution, when applied to windows in commercial buildings, provides onsite renewable energy that enables buildings to power themselves. Our initial pilot installation is powering a portion of Patagonia's headquarters in Ventura, CA.

Now, as we continue our commercialization efforts, I’m excited to transition into the role of CEO to leverage my experience in product development, manufacturing, and organizational growth. I am eager to build upon the achievements, innovation, and momentum created by our founding team, including our founding CEO Daniel Emmett.

Daniel’s transition to Executive Chairman shifts his responsibilities to include expansion efforts into international markets. I am looking forward to his continued foresight into NEXT’s success as he maintains strategic leadership over policy regulation and fundraising efforts.

A Strategic Step Forward

18 months ago, Daniel and Corey recruited me into NEXT as the EVP of Engineering. My assignment was to engage our team of engineers and technologists and begin laying the groundwork to commercial-scale our manufacturing and production systems. These efforts aligned closely with my experience of over 20 years in engineering and commercializing in-home medical technology at Inogen, Inc. Since then, my role within NEXT expanded to COO where I leveraged the methodologies that enabled growth I orchestrated during Inogen’s transition from a startup to a publicly traded company.

NEXT’s strategic vision and timeline, combined with my experience in bringing a highly-technical product to market, create the ideal opportunity to accelerate NEXT into commercial success. Our recent installation project at Patagonia headquarters demonstrates the unique benefits, flexibility, and reliability of our innovation. It’s time to scale our solar technology to contribute to the global energy transition!

The Rise of Renewable Energy

The carbon footprint of commercial buildings hits a new high every year. Last year, studies found that 40% of global carbon emissions come from buildings. Around 70% of that can be attributed to building operations, while 30% stems from construction activities. NEXT can enable buildings to cut back their energy consumption and reduce their reliance on the grid.

Our world desperately needs more solar technology installed in new and novel ways. National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports that solar energy has the potential to produce 45% of the electricity in the United States by 2050, all while solar technology costs are projected to steadily decline. This trend, combined with recent solar incentives makes it clear that the world is transitioning to more clean, renewable energy sources.

To truly impact the commercial building sector, solar has to diversify. With little room for traditional rooftop solar, NEXT’s photovoltaic windows will be an impactful contribution to reduce emissions in dense urban areas.

NEXT Step in Growth

I am looking forward to working alongside the NEXT Energy Technologies team through this next phase of growth and new opportunities. Executing our mission statement to provide beautiful windows that generate energy from the sun and transform the built environment will come with many challenges, but I am confident that our passion and dedication will guide us to success.


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