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Paris, France

Europe’s biggest startup and tech event

Join us for a four-day conference to share ideas and information about our global energy future and the intersection of breakthrough innovation, long-term sustainable building practices, and energy independence. If you’re planning on attending Vivatech 2022, we invite you to visit the NEXT Energy Technologies booth and connect with one of our energy experts. They will be able to answer your questions about:

  • Saving energy and reducing buildings' CO2 footprint

  • Building integration and energy economics

  • Product specifications and commercial availability

  • Site assessments and installation

Our team will also be able to discuss façade integrated solar solutions, including our transparent photovoltaic glazing. With an expected annual energy production of 350kWh/m2 (compared to 125kWh/m2 for standard rooftop), NEXT Empowered Windows makes it easy and financially attractive to produce higher energy generation per building (footprint), thereby reducing costs and one of the largest sources of carbon emissions. This means you can provide your customers with natively integrated solar facades with low upfront module and integration costs and without compromising aesthetics.

Viva Technology 2022


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