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NEXT Energy Honored at The Central Coast Innovation Awards

More than a decade ago, NEXT Energy Technologies began development on ground break solar-harvesting technology, aiming to relieve the strain building emissions are taking on the natural environment. Since then, we have expanded our team, enhanced our technology, culminating in the successful completion of our pilot installation project with Patagonia at the close of 2022. Not only did the installment project display the expansibility of solar technology, but it also established a new, viable and beautiful solution to mitigate climate change.

As we continue to make a more diverse solar landscape, we’re thrilled to receive recognition as a leading innovator in sustainability. The Pacific Coast Business Times (PCBT) recently recognized NEXT at its Central Coast Innovation Awards, honoring our innovative sustainability efforts with the Corporate Innovator Award. The NEXT Energy team was able to receive this award in person during PCBT’s annual Central Coast Innovation Awards ceremony on March 23.

Sustainability in our community

The awards, hosted and created by PCBT in partnership with California NanoSystems Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara, intended to celebrate the best emerging technology local to the Central Coast. With our pilot installation project and our headquartered office located in the heart of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, local recognition for our contributions to a more sustainable future carries huge significance.

“We were thrilled to partner with Patagonia to demonstrate what’s possible through solar technology on their Ventura-based headquarters,” shared Daniel Emmett, CEO and founder of NEXT Energy Technologies. “Receiving the Central Coast Innovation Award and being locally recognized for our unique sustainable technology is highly monumental.”

Leading climate innovation

The Central Coast Innovation Award’s recognition of NEXT’s groundbreaking technology is a substantial validation of our solar-harvesting windows and approach to climate-action. NEXT continues to advance solar technology to help buildings reduce the strain of emissions on the natural environment, putting us on the frontlines of climate innovation.


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