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NEXT Energy Technologies Delivers Solar Prototype Window Wall to Bouygues Construction

French Industrial Group to Showcase NEXT’s Solar Installation to Global Network of Architects, Building Owners, and Commercial Developers

NEXT Energy Technologies, Inc., makers of a proprietary transparent photovoltaic (PV) coating that transforms commercial windows into energy-producing solar panels, today announced the delivery of a PV Prototype Window Wall to Bouygues Construction in Paris. Bouygues is a leading construction firm that specializes in complex commercial projects around the globe.

NEXT Demo wall

The PV Prototype Window Wall was delivered by NEXT in collaboration with its partners, Walters & Wolf, a leading commercial curtainwall manufacturer and glazing subcontractor headquartered in Fremont, California, and commercial glass fabricator, Glassfab Tempering Services/Solarfab in Tracy, California.

The prototype installation consists of 10 transparent photovoltaic windows that supply electricity to a battery that powers an interactive display as well as auxiliary charging outlets, for phones, tablets and other electronics. The purpose of this prototype demonstration is to showcase the power generation functionality, the exceptional transparency and aesthetics, and the seamless integration of NEXT windows into a standard glazing system designed by Walters & Wolf to carry the electronics, wiring and hardware that comprise the balance-of-system.

A Supply Chain Solution to The Climate Crisis

NEXT’s photovoltaic coatings are applied to commercial windows during the window fabrication process, integrating with existing manufacturers without disrupting established workflows and supply chains. This capital-efficient business model reduces risks to customers, removes barriers to adoption, and accelerates speed to market, all while adding a high-value product to the market. This direct integration into traditional commercial window and framing systems effectively extracts costs typically associated with packaging and installation of solar.

"We are excited to be one of the first global construction companies pioneering NEXT's revolutionary transparent solar panel windows. This innovation will allow Bouygues Construction to offer its clients a simple, sustainable, and profitable solution for buildings that are autonomous in the management of their energy," said Christian De Nacquard, R&D and Innovation Director, Bouygues Bâtiment International.

Meeting European and International Climate Standards

The European Union aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, requiring a fundamental transformation of the construction and building sectors. 100% of new commercial buildings in California will be designed to zero net energy (ZNE) standards by 2030. Globally, buildings generate an estimated 40% of annual GHG emissions.

“Addressing the climate crisis at the corporate level requires creative and cost-effective solutions. Commercial buildings are an excellent example of something that can be re-imagined and improved to reduce carbon emissions and overall impact,” said Daniel Emmett, CEO of NEXT.

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