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Speaking to the NEXT Generation of Solar Engineers

NEXT Energy Technologies is at the frontlines of solar research and development, leading the charge with innovation and creativity. As research and development are still on the cusp of what is possible, we recognize every team member and solar engineer is essential to our mission of transforming the built environment — especially those in the nascent stages of their careers.

Our own work excluded, advancements in breakthrough solar cell development and energy storage are driving progress in renewable resources. The efficiency and affordability of energy solutions are increasing and this forward momentum is giving opportunity to the next generation of solar engineers.

Device Engineers analyze data inside NEXT Energy Technologies rapid-prototyping lab

The creative minds behind NEXT’s team are what make a net zero future possible. With every project and initiative, we get closer to achieving our mission to provide a state-of-the-art product that will power our buildings and preserve our planet. We recognize the most significant key to success is a continual investment in the next generation of solar professionals.

Sitting down with emerging innovators

NEXT’s Director of Business Development and Partnership was recently featured on the Built for Earth Podcast, hosted by rising solar enthusiast and student engineer, Samuel Beskind. The two spoke in length about the expansion of solar, beyond compliance and expected incentives.

“Until recently there’s been no significant traction to build a market (for solar-harvesting windows),” Jeff shared on the podcast. “Because of bigger markets and policy changes like the IRA, we’re creating a new funding pool for technologies like ours. It promotes supply chain strength and will help to build a North American photovoltaic tech sector.”

Taking stock of the work that’s been done, and looking ahead, it’s clear that the work at NEXT has only just begun.

We’re at the frontier of an architectural and energy revolution. We have a great opportunity to build technology to serve humanity now and in the future.
Jeff Horowitz, NEXT Energy Technologies

Opportunity for expansion

NEXT Engineers and Scientist showing a demo of OPV

Coating and Scale Up team members inspect a device for inspection

With a clear demand for innovative solar engineers, the momentum of the field relies on the individual’s ability to stay motivated and build off of what’s being created today.

“Young professionals and the companies looking to hire are already in alignment on sustainability and ESG issues,” Jeff shared on the show. “The important thing to be reminding yourself of is how your personal motivations to mitigate climate change can add value and fuel growth to a carbon-free economy.”

Recent breakthroughs in green technology can potentially make solar energy more efficient, affordable and accessible. With all the excitement that this brings, green growth needs to keep innovating the way to a more sustainable future.

“Stay true to your motivations and passions,” Jeff charges young engineers, sharing that true impact comes from the continual expansion of what’s already being done.

Investing in expansion

NEXT's solar-harvesting windows demonstrate the capabilities and diversification of solar, charting a path to more sustainable and beautiful use of onsite energy. While we watch the world take action in climate mitigation, the demand for our technology and a more divergent solar landscape will grow.

With a new generation of solar innovators stepping into the workforce, we’re doing our part to invest in the growth of their skills and passions. The future of our planet relies on what’s around the corner in climate tech. With the continued development and adoption of our technology and others with carbon reduction goals, we will see significant leaps and bounds in solar energy in the years to come.


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