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RAMP Grant Announcement

As California’s energy building codes expand and become more demanding to architects and builders, the diversity of available solar options needs to expand. Starting in 2023, California became the first state to mandate that all new commercial buildings, along with some retrofit buildings, must have solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems installed. This results from the California Energy Commission's (CEC)recent update to the 2022 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

As part of CEC’s effort to support and promote clean energy projects, NEXT was awarded the Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production for Clean Energy Technologies (RAMP) grant. This recognition granted $3 million to NEXT’s innovative project, to further develop and commercialize our solar-harvesting windows.

Funding New Energy Solutions

The RAMP grant is allowing clean energy entrepreneurs, like NEXT Energy, to get their innovative ideas off the ground by providing financial assistance to reach the operational manufacturing readiness stage. The CEC extends grant money to multiple clean energy agencies across the state, all part of the effort to move towards more sustainable energy solutions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

NEXT’s photovoltaic, transparent, solar-harvesting windows stand out as a breakthrough solar innovation and a key player in moving the state, and the country, to a more diverse solar landscape. The grant will enable NEXT to move along with commercial development and ultimately help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our built environment.

A National Push for Renewable Energy

As of January 2023, California’s new building codes require buildings and structures to be even more energy-conscious than the state’s previous standards. The new regulations demonstrate a much-needed step forward in minimizing carbon emissions, reducing energy use by up to 10% in residential buildings and up to 15% in commercial buildings.

The new standards represent a new wave of renewable energy initiatives, giving an example of energy efficiency that other states are sure to follow. California’s aggressive goals for reducing carbon emissions in our built environment have led to the implementation of some of the most progressive renewable energy policies in the nation.

California's renewable energy initiatives have helped spur innovation and investment in clean energy technologies; creating cleaner environments and promoting new solution-based technology. By mandating that new buildings have solar products installed, recognizing stand-out renewable energy projects, and incentivizing the adoption of onsite energy, we are thrilled to be recognized by our state for our solar-generating window technology and the project’s ability to drive the nation to a more sustainable future.


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