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NEXT Chosen to Help Accelerate the Development of Sustainable Cities

One of only ten tech-startups selected internationally for the Urbantech program, NEXT will receive pilot project and partnership opportunities with to accelerate its transparent photovoltaic window technology.

NEXT CEO presenting at Urban Tech Demo Day 2019

NEXT was among the only 2.5% of startups admitted into the accelerator’s highly selective inaugural cohort. NEXT was chosen for its innovations in transparent photovoltaics designed to advance sustainability of buildings, which currently account for more than 40 percent of global energy consumption.

"We are delighted to have selected NEXT Energy to participate in the Urbantech program and look forward to collaborating with the team to explore opportunities to incorporate transparent solar power into the built environment," said Christian Wagner, Vice President, Material & Product Technology for Velux. Mads Kann-Rasmussen, CEO of VKR Holdings says of the program, “Innovation and sustainability are important parts of our DNA, and to support this, we’d like to increasingly expose our companies, including VELUX, to startups and the entrepreneurial space.”


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