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NEXT Energy Newsletter Q3 2023

The Q2 newsletter was my first update as the CEO at Next. As expected, the first months of the transition were incredibly busy as we continued to execute on our commercialization activities and began the strategic planning process for 2024, which will be an exciting year for Next as we continue scaling up our product to larger and larger sizes! I am always amazed at how fast time goes by and we now find ourselves looking at the Holidays and year-end already. Below, you will find some of the highlights from our third quarter:

New Talent, Fresh Perspectives:

In August we added a key commercial role to fill the gap in our executive team experience. We brought on Jonathan Hafemann in the role of VP, Commercialization and Growth. In the first few months with us, Jonathan's perspective and experience commercializing products for the built environment has been incredibly valuable.

Jonathan has worked at four different startups in early stage commercial roles, most recently as the Senior Director of Commercial Channel Sales at Halio (an electrochromic glass company). His recent glass industry experience will be valuable to our efforts to develop partnerships within the glass fabrication space. Prior to Halio, Jonathan worked in LED lighting in a national sales role at Lunera, so his experience in the energy efficient building materials space is also a great addition to our team's collective experience.

California Energy Commission RAMP Grant Kickoff:

We're thrilled to announce the successful kickoff of our Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production (RAMP) grant. This grant not only validates the potential of our technology but also provides $3M in funding towards our pilot manufacturing line that is under construction at our Santa Barbara headquarters.

Progress in Large-Area Coating:

Our R&D team has made remarkable strides in scaling up our technology. We're excited to share that we've achieved significant progress in large-area coating, particularly on 27x35" devices (see picture below). This development brings us closer to delivering practical, high-performance transparent solar windows for commercial applications.

We are deeply committed to keeping you informed about our progress as we work towards the commercialization of our transparent solar window product. We recognize that you, as leaders in the building construction and architectural design industry, are not just subscribers but crucial partners on this transformative journey.

Together, we are creating a future where buildings are not just structures but active contributors to a sustainable, energy-efficient world. Thank you for joining us on this exciting adventure.

Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts, questions, or insights at Your input is invaluable as we navigate this exciting path ahead.

Warm regards,

Brenton Taylor, CEO, NEXT Energy Technologies

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