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NEXT Energy Newsletter Q2 2023

I’m pleased to be assuming the responsibilities as NEXT Energy’s new chief executive officer, with the goal of helping NEXT navigate a long-anticipated phase of growth. My predecessor, co-founder Daniel Emmett, has guided the company through its critical early stages and will also move into a new role as executive chairman. In his new role, Daniel will continue to provide strategic leadership with fundraising, business development, and accessing new high-value markets.

While NEXT enters into a new growth stage, we turn our attention to commercializing our product. My background in commercializing technology gives me the experience necessary to lead a highly technical product to market. We’re eager to engage new customers, reach new markets, and serve the greater need of reducing carbon emissions from commercial buildings.

This transition is not done without a great deal of gratitude for the NEXT team of strategic leaders and engineers that are spearheading a new wave of renewable energy. NEXT’s highly-skilled team is not only crafting highly advanced technology, they’re also committed to staying at the leading edge of innovation, continually pushing for breakthroughs in climate solutions.

We look forward to all the success that lies ahead for NEXT Energy. Enjoy this quarter’s newsletter, highlighting some of what we’ve been up to amid the strategic forward movement.


Brenton Taylor, CEO NEXT Energy Technologies

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