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Energy Harvesting Windows

Our Mission - Bringing Buildings to Life

NEXT’s mission is to transform windows and glass facades into producers of low-cost, on-site, renewable energy for buildings. NEXT Windows can help dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of buildings, which are responsible for almost half of global greenhouse gas emission.

Breakthrough Technology

Energy Harvesting Windows Capture and Convert Light Energy for Onsite Renewable Energy Generation
  • Proprietary color-tunable materials absorb light in a chosen spectrum only
  • Excellent transparency in the visible spectrum
  • Combines the benefits of low-emissivity windows with the added functionality of renewable energy generation
  • NEXT’s energy harvesting materials are integrated into standard dual-pane windows

Exceptional Performance

Beautiful windows can produce clean, renewable power over decades… and help enable Net Zero Energy buildings and replace grid power.
  • Transparency: 30-50% visible light transmission in blue
  • Efficiency (PCE): 8-10% power conversion efficiency
  • Lifetime: 25-30 year product lifetime

Compelling Economics

NEXT’s Energy Harvesting Window pays for itself in one year, then delivers years of free, clean power. Our breakthrough wet-coating process enables low-cost, high-speed, and scalable manufacturing.
  • Low incremental cost
  • Qualifies for federal solar investment tax credit
  • Module cost: $0.30/Watt peak
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