James G.P. Dehlsen

Jim Dehlsen is recognized as a pioneer and world leader in wind power and renewable energy. In 1980, Jim founded Zond Corporation and served as its CEO/Chairman. Zond advanced wind power technology, becoming one of the largest global companies in turbine manufacturing, power project development and operation. General Electric acquired the Zond manufacturing, technology and products in 2002, for its entry into wind energy and is now a global industry leader. With his son Brent, Jim formed Clipper Windpower, Inc. and in 2002 and with DOE support initiated the advanced 2.5MW Liberty turbine, producing 800 units (2GW) installed in 18 new generating plants. In 2010, United Technologies purchased Clipper for its entry into the wind industry. Jim and his son Brent then established Ecomerit Technologies, LLC in 2010 to develop power systems based on marine renewable energy, forming Aquantis, LLC to harness energy from ocean currents and Centipod, LLC to capture wave energy.

Recognition of Jim includes Power Engineering Top 10 most influential people over the past 25 years; the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Wind Energy Association; Renewable Energy World Leadership in Technology Award; the Venky Award by UCSB’s College ofEngineering; cited in Daniel Yergin’s “The Quest”, on the history of energy; US Department of Energy Wind Pioneer; The Environmental Hall of Fame as a leading environmentalist and “Father of American Wind Energy”; and the Danish Medal of Honor conferred by His Royal Highness, Prince Henrik of Denmark. Jim is a former Director of the American Wind Energy Association; served as an advisor to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind Program; was an NGO delegate at the Kyoto Climate Conference; has testified on renewable energy in U.S. Senate hearings; is a Director of the Worldwatch Institute; holds 22 patents issued with 4 pending.